Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Acquisition of New and Latest Hospital Equipment

We are pleased to announce that UERMMMC Hospital recently acquired and is currently using the following new equipment. With these latest acquisitions, UERMMMC Hospital continues to deliver the highest quality of medical care service and thru this, provide the highest quality of medicaltraining to our future healthcare professionals.

1. Shimadzu Opescope Activo, Shimadzu Flexavision System and Shimadzu Mobile Art Eco.

                                                       SHIMADZU FLEXAVISION SYSTEM
This system can accommodate various imaging studies. It has high quality imaging with digital features to adapt to the computerization of clinics and hospitals. It is compact and user-friendly, ideal not just for patients but also for operators. Aside from the basic radiographic examination (chest xray, abdominal studies etc.) it also provides real time radiography and fluoroscopy as aid to different procedures such as endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatograpyhy (ERCP), intravenous pyelograms (IVP), barium enema, esophagograms and etc.

This portable x-ray machine has a compact and lightweight design, specially built for mobile imaging. It’s easy maneuverability and operability is optimal for imaging patients in the intensive care units, emergency and operating rooms. Because it is compact, the system can move around even in confined spaces. And the images produced are of optimal quality.

SHIMADZU OPESCOPE ACTIVO This is Shimadzu’s latest surgical mobile C-arm imaging system that is easy to use with its quick and accurate C-arm positioning suitable for operating and emergency room procedures. Its 15 fps pulsed fluoroscopy (EIA) is ideal to reduce patients’ dose even in long exposure times but without sacrificing image quality. The two LCD monitors can instantly display images taken simultaneously for easy and convenient comparison. Images can also be printed immediately with the built in printer with thermal paper. Filming of images can also be done.

• High Definition Flat Screen (X2).
     o Crisp image.
     o More detail.
     o Ergonomically placed monitors.
     o Capable to take still frames during video recording.
• Karl Storz Nova Xenon Light Sources.
     o Bright white light.
     o No flicker.
• Karl Storz Digital Insufflator.
     o Adaptive pressure response (on abdominal insufflation).
     o Dehumidifier
        - Less need for warming up the scope.
        - Less frequent scope fogging.
• Karl Storz Camera.
     o Ergonomically placed buttons.
     o Provides menu for display setting through camera buttons.

3. The 4 Channel Nicolet Viasys Quest EMG Machine

This latest model of Neurodiagnostic EMG System is one of the most widely used in the diagnosis of neurological diseases. It provides advanced recording and stimulus techniques that capture data from multiple structures.

 The following table shows the capabilities of the system.

4. Karl Storz ENT Endoscopy Camera System and Light Source.

• Integrated digital image processor.
• Ergonomically designed camera head for ease of control and menu   selection.
• Cold Fountain Halogen Light Source provides great adjustable  illumination with good mucosal surface detail and texture.
• Different scopes for viewing the nose and paranasal sinuses, nasopharynx, oral cavity, larynx, trachea, and ears.
• Portable tower and rack makes endoscopy system capable of doing bedside diagnostic procedures.
• Also used in the operating room when doing endoscopic sinus   surgery, laryngoscopy, bronchoscopy and esophagoscopy.