Thursday, October 30, 2014

Matters CONSIDERED and ACTED UPON by the Management Committee (ManCom) at its Meeting of 09 October 2014

1) Proposed Mission-Vision of the College of Medical Technology  - The proposed Mission-Vision of the College of Medical Technology, Version 2, as submitted by the Dean of the College of Medical Technology and endorsed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the President, both dated 09 September 2014, was favorably  considered for submission to the Board of Trustees

2) Construction contract between UERMMMCI and Syntech Construction for Construction of the Interconnecting Bridge from the College of Nursing Building to the Administration Building  -   Approved.

3) Proposed Changes in the Procedure for Students Re-enrolling in Thesis and Fees for Comprehensive Examinations  -  The proposed changes in the procedure for students enrolling in Thesis and the fees to be charged for students enrolling therein shall be P10,387.00 and for the Comprehensive Examination – P5,000.00 was approved and shall be effective the 3rd semester of this school year and for a period of one (1) year.

4) Renewal of Memorandum of Agreement between UERMMMCI and Medical Services of America, Inc. – for Pulmonary Services  -  Approved.

5) Supplemental Memorandum of Agreement between UERMMMCI and UE College of Dentistry  -  Approved.

6) Proposed Tie-Up Between UERMMMCI and Mezza Condominium residents – Approved.

7) Proposed Increase in the Hourly Rate of College of Medicine (COM) Faculty Members Teaching in the Colleges of Nursing and Allied Rehabilitation Sciences  -  Approved.

8) Multi-Level Steel Parking for the Hospital – Noted the proposal submitted by NWSteel Technologices, Inc. and that other proposals for this kind of project be considered together with the determination as to the maximum number of levels that could be put up to maximize the use of the present parking area.

9) Diagnostic and Ancillary Services of the Hospital -  a review of the charges be made as compared to peer hospitals of the UERMMMC to make them more attractive and or competitive.